Assorted plastic storage containers neatly organized on wooden shelves, showcasing a variety of sizes and shapes for versatile storage solutions.

10 Creative Kitchen Plastic Container Storage Ideas

Organize Your Kitchen Like a Pro with These 10 Creative Plastic Container Storage Ideas

plastic storage containers stacked in a jumble

There are creative hacks that can be used to organize plastic containers in the kitchen.

Are you tired of wrestling with a jumble of plastic containers every time you open your kitchen cabinets? You’re not alone! Many of us face the daily battle against cluttered Tupperware, stray lids, and mismatched bowls that seem to multiply overnight.

This chaos can make meal prep frustrating and rob precious space from our kitchens.

Interestingly enough, one simple shelf organizer can transform an entire cabinet. It’s true – just by embracing some organization hacks, you could rescue yourself from the container chaos.

Our blog post will guide you through 10 creative ways to bring order to your plastic container collection, making it easy to find what you need and giving your kitchen a tidy makeover.

Ready for a clutter-free kitchen oasis? Keep reading to discover how these tips will help tame those troublesome Tupperware tangles once and for all!

Key Takeaways

  • Declutter kitchen cabinets by getting rid of unused containers, then organize them with clear bins and labeled storage for easy access.
  • Use innovative methods like undershelf wire basketstension rods, and flip book bins to save space and keep plastic ware tidy.
  • Repurpose items like desktop mail sorters for lid organization, and install sliding trays or mounted collectors to manage containers efficiently.

The Common Problem with Plastic Containers in the Kitchen

Plastic containers in the kitchen often lead to clutter and disorganization, making it difficult to find matching pieces and wasting valuable space. These common issues can be frustrating for anyone trying to keep their kitchen tidy and efficient.

Clutter and disorganization

Plastic containers often pile up in kitchen drawers and cabinets. This mess makes it hard to find the right lid or bowl when you need it. Containers get shuffled around, taking up too much space.

Too many mismatched pieces lead to frustration. Using smart storage solutions can turn chaos into order.

Simple changes give everything a home, making your kitchen look neat. Drawer dividers keep types of plastic ware together. Clear bins show what’s inside at a glance, cutting down on search time.

Lazy Susan organizers spin so you can grab what you need without digging through stacks of bowls and lids. Organized kitchens save time and reduce stress during meal prep.

Difficulty finding matching pieces

A clutter-free countertop with neatly organized plastic containers, kitchen utensils, and labels, natural light streaming in from the window, evoking a sense of order and cleanliness,

 Labeled kitchen cabinet storage bins, baskets, and shelf stackers can help organize plastic storage containers in cabinets.

Locating matching plastic container pieces in the kitchen can be frustrating. This is where smart solutions for corralling all those lids and containers come into play, such as Lazy Susan-style organizers or ready-to-go Tupperware lid organizers.

Also, clear jars or labeled kitchen cabinet storage bins can help keep track of different sizes and shapes efficiently.

Smart ideas like utilizing every inch of cabinetry space or incorporating drawer dividers offer practical ways to overcome the challenge of finding matching plastic container pieces in your kitchen.

Wasting space

Maximize your kitchen space by using lazy Susan-style organizers to efficiently store plastic containers. Utilize every inch of cabinetry space with creative hacks and ready-to-go Tupperware lid organizers, keeping your kitchen organized inexpensively.

Clear plastic containers or jars can be used to organize pantry goods, while labeled kitchen cabinet storage bins and shelf stackers help corral Tupperware in cabinets. Pegboards or drawer dividers are excellent tools for keeping Tupperware organized without wasting precious space in your kitchen.

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10 Creative Solutions for Organizing Plastic Containers

Rescue a Cabinet Corner Shelf to make use of that awkward space. Utilize Undershelf Space by adding wire baskets for extra storage. Incorporate Clear Containers so you can easily see what’s inside without having to dig around.

Use a Desktop Mail Sorter to keep lids organized and easy to find. Try Box Shelf Storage for an aesthetically pleasing solution. Hang a Mounted Lid Collector on the inside of cabinet doors for space-saving storage.

Install Tension Rods in deep drawers to create compartments for containers and lids. Install Sliding Storage Trays for easy access to all your containers. Flip Book Bins are a fun and creative way to store smaller containers while managing water bottles can help clear up even more kitchen clutter!

Rescue a Cabinet Corner Shelf

Make the most of your cabinet space by utilizing a corner shelf for organizing plastic containers. This clever solution allows you to access all your containers without digging through piles and wasting space.

By leveraging this otherwise underutilized area, you can free up valuable real estate in your cabinets, ensuring easy access to your Tupperware and eliminating clutter. With this simple yet effective idea, finding matching pieces becomes a breeze as everything is neatly organized in one convenient location.

Consider rescuing that forgotten corner of your cabinet with an efficient and practical corner shelf organizer.

Utilize Undershelf Space

Maximize your kitchen storage by utilizing the undershelf space. Attach wire baskets or racks underneath shelves to create extra room for organizing plastic containers and lids. This simple and cost-effective solution helps make the most of your cabinet space, ensuring easy access to your food storage containers while keeping them neatly organized.

You can easily find matching pieces and eliminate clutter by using this clever undershelf space.

Next up, let’s explore another creative solution for organizing plastic containers in your kitchen – Incorporate Clear Containers.

Incorporate Clear Containers

Use clear containers to store and organize pantry goods, helping you quickly identify items. These containers can also be used in the fridge to group similar food items. Clear containers eliminate the need to fumble through stacks of mismatched lids, ensuring quick access and easy matching with their corresponding bases.

Maximizing cabinet space by incorporating clear containers will help declutter your kitchen and efficiently manage plastic storage. Additionally, consider labeling these clear containers for a more organized approach.

Use Desktop Mail Sorter

Optimize your kitchen cabinet space by repurposing a desktop mail sorter to neatly organize plastic containers and their matching lids. This simple yet effective solution keeps everything in clear view, making it easy to grab the container you need without rummaging through cluttered cabinets.

With labeled slots for different sizes and shapes of containers, this inventive hack streamlines your storage system and reduces the time spent searching for matching pieces. Plus, it maximizes vertical space, freeing up valuable shelf area for other kitchen essentials.

Create an organized Tupperware haven with a desktop mail sorter, providing a dedicated spot for each container and its lid. This DIY approach not only saves money but also allows you to customize the arrangement based on your specific collection of plastic containers.

Try Box Shelf Storage

When looking for creative ways to organize plastic containers, consider using box shelf storage. Box shelves are an effective way to neatly store and display your plastic containers in the kitchen.

By utilizing box shelf storage, you can easily separate and categorize different sizes of containers while maximizing the use of vertical space in your cabinets. This solution allows for quick access to your plastic containers and ensures that they remain organized, reducing clutter and making it easier to find matching pieces when needed.

Integrating box shelf storage into your kitchen organization plan provides a practical and visually appealing solution for managing plastic containers. With this approach, you can effectively optimize cabinet space by arranging the boxes strategically, keeping lids within reach alongside their corresponding bottoms.

Hang a Mounted Lid Collector

Use a mounted lid collector to keep plastic container lids organized. This simple solution allows for easy access and prevents clutter in your kitchen cabinets. By hanging the holder on the inside of a cabinet door, you can efficiently manage your Tupperware lids without taking up valuable shelf space.

Mounted lid collectors are an effective way to corral those stray plastic container lids that often end up creating chaos in kitchen cabinets. With this organizational tool, you can quickly find matching lids and containers while maximizing your storage space.

Install Tension Rods

When looking to maximize kitchen space, tension rods can be a game-changer. By installing tension rods vertically in cabinets or drawers, you instantly create dividers that keep plastic containers neatly organized and easily accessible.

Utilizing this simple tool helps prevent a jumble of lids and containers, making it effortless to locate the right match when needed for food storage solutions.

In addition, tension rods allow for customizable organization without the need for permanent fixtures. They are cost-effective and provide an efficient way to make use of vertical space within your cabinets or drawers while maintaining the visibility of all your plastic container options.

Install Sliding Storage Trays

Explore the next level of organization by installing sliding storage trays. Utilize every inch of your cabinet space efficiently and access your plastic containers with ease. This solution helps in maintaining a clutter-free kitchen while keeping all your food storage containers neatly organized.

Drawer dividers can ensure that the containers stay separated, making it easier to find matching pieces when needed. Additionally, consider incorporating labeled kitchen cabinet storage bins for optimal organization.

Flip Book Bins

Transitioning from sliding storage trays, another effective solution for organizing plastic containers in your kitchen is using flip book bins. These versatile bins allow easy access to different sizes and shapes of containers, ensuring that everything stays neatly organized.

By utilizing these bins, you can easily store and retrieve your plastic containers without any hassle.

By incorporating flip book bins into your kitchen organization strategy, you can keep plastic containers neatly arranged while making efficient use of the available space. The clear visibility offered by these bins ensures quick identification and retrieval of the required items whenever needed.

Manage Water Bottles

Maximize cabinet space with a designated water bottle organizer. Use stackable bins to keep bottles upright and easily accessible. Consider using clear containers or bins for better visibility and organization.

Labeling the containers can help ensure everyone knows where to find and put back the water bottles, maintaining order in your kitchen storage solutions.

Pegboards or drawer dividers are also versatile options for keeping water bottles organized within reach while freeing up valuable shelf space for other items. Utilize these simple yet effective solutions to maintain a clutter-free environment focused on providing easy access when needed.

Tips and Tricks for Success

– Before organizing your plastic containers, declutter first to get rid of any mismatched or damaged pieces.

– Optimize your cabinet or drawer space by using stackable containers and utilizing vertical space.

Declutter first

Clear out your kitchen cabinets and drawers of any unused or mismatched plastic containers to create space for organization. Use drawer dividers or labeled bins to group similar-sized containers together, making it easier to find what you need when storing or retrieving food items.

Ensure that you are optimizing the available storage space by using every nook and cranny — this will help in efficiently arranging your plastic containers for quick access and minimal clutter.

Additionally, consider utilizing clear jars or containers to organize pantry goods, keeping them visible and easily accessible while creating a neat and tidy kitchen storage system without wasting precious cabinet space.

Optimize cabinets or drawers

Maximize the space in your kitchen cabinets by using stackable containers and bins. Consider adding drawer dividers to keep plastic containers organized and easily accessible. Pegboards can also be used to hang containers and lids for efficient storage.

To optimize cabinet or drawer space, use ready-to-go Tupperware lid organizers and clear plastic containers for pantry goods. Drawer dividers are handy for separating different sizes of plastic containers, while labeled storage bins can help organize Tupperware within cabinets.

Additionally, consider utilizing lazy Susan-style organizers to efficiently store plastic containers in your kitchen.

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Label containers

To maximize the organization of your kitchen storage, label containers with their contents. Clear and accurate labeling helps to quickly identify items and reduces time spent searching for matching pieces.

By using a label maker or waterproof markers, you can efficiently categorize and locate your plastic containers as needed. This simple step adds clarity to your kitchen organization and ensures that everything has its assigned place.

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By incorporating clear labeling on containers, you can easily distinguish between various food items without the need to open each container separately. With labeled containers, finding what you need becomes quick and hassle-free.

Leave room for growth

Maximize your kitchen’s potential by leaving room for growth when organizing plastic containers. Utilize adjustable shelving and stackable storage solutions to accommodate new additions.

Keep the organization flexible to adapt as your container collection expands. Incorporate modular systems that can be easily expanded or reconfigured as needed, allowing you to maintain a clutter-free and efficient space.

Make use of versatile organizers that can grow with your needs, such as expandable drawer dividers or customizable cabinet racks, ensuring a practical and adaptable solution for your kitchen’s storage challenges.

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In summary, organizing plastic containers in your kitchen can be made easier with creative solutions. Try rescue cabinet corner shelves or utilize undershelf space to maximize storage.

Incorporate clear containers and label them for easy access. Install sliding storage trays or hang-mounted lid collectors for efficient organization. With these tips and tricks, decluttering and managing plastic containers becomes a simple task!


1. What are some creative kitchen organization ideas for plastic containers?

You can use drawer dividers for container lids, stack nesting containers by size, or use a magazine rack to manage container storage.

2. How do I keep my Tupperware cupboard in order?

Label shelves for different sizes of Tupperware, use clear bins for grouping similar items, and install sliding racks inside cabinets to easily reach back-end food storage organization pieces.

3. Can DIY hacks help with organizing plastic containers in the kitchen?

Absolutely! You can create a pegboard system on the wall or add tension rods inside drawers to separate containers and lids as part of your DIY kitchen organization efforts.

4. Are there any tips for managing kitchen clutter with too many food containers?

Yes! Donate extras you don’t use, regularly match lids to bases, and follow the one-in-one-out rule when buying new plastic containers to avoid overflow and maintain container management.

5. What’s a good way to organize lids so they don’t get lost?

Use a dish drying rack or sorter bin specifically for lid storage in the drawer or shelf where you keep all your other plastic food storage organization materials.

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