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3 Best Riding Lawn Mowers Under $2000 (2024)

 Get the Best Deal: 3 Top Riding Lawn Mowers Under $2000 for Your Yard

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Are you dreaming of a perfectly manicured lawn without breaking the bank? Many homeowners feel the pinch when it comes to balancing their desire for a beautiful yard with the cost of high-end lawn equipment.

But fear not, because achieving a pristine garden might be easier and more affordable than you think. With so many options on the market, finding an efficient riding lawn mower under $2000 is very possible.

In fact, some of these budget-friendly machines offer features that rival their pricier counterparts. We’ve hunted down three top-notch riding mowers that deliver excellent performance without costing a fortune.

This article will guide you through each model’s benefits and help pick one that suits your property best. By reading on, you’re on your way to upgrading your yard care game while keeping your wallet happy! Ready to dive in? Let’s cut to the chase!

Key Takeaways

  • You can get a good riding lawn mower for less than $2000. Look at things like the type of powerdeck size, and yard size to pick the best one.
  • The Craftsman T150 is great for yards up to 1 acre. It’s strong and comfy. The Troy – Bilt TB46 works well on big lawns up to 2 acres. The Cub Cadet XT1 is small but powerful, perfect for medium yards.
  • All three mowers have warranties – two years for Craftsman and Troy-Bilt, and three years plus extra protection for the Cub Cadet’s frame and transmission. They are reliable choices that won’t let you down.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Riding Lawn Mower Under $2000

When choosing a riding lawn mower under $2000, it’s essential to consider factors such as the type of mower (electric, gas, zero-turn), deck width, fuel type, yard size, and features that suit your specific needs.

Considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and find the best budget-friendly option for upgrading your yard maintenance equipment.

Type of mower (electric, gas, zero-turn, etc.)

Choosing the right type of mower is key. Electric riding lawn mowers are quiet and eco-friendly. They work well for smaller yards but might need charging breaks for bigger lawns. Gas-powered lawn tractors are strong and can handle large areas without stopping to refuel often.

If your yard has lots of turns and obstacles, a zero-turn mower can make cutting grass easier because it turns very quickly.

Each kind of mower fits different needs. Think about your yard’s size and shape before you decide. If you have less than an acre, an electric or gas-powered lawn tractor could do the job well.

But if you’re working with more space or want speed, look at gas-powered options or zero-turn models for their power and agility.

Deck width

When choosing a riding lawn mower under $2000, consider the deck width. The deck width determines how much grass the mower can cut in one pass. For smaller yards, a deck width of 30-42 inches works well, while larger yards may benefit from wider decks between 42-54 inches.

Ensure to measure your yard’s gate or storage shed to make sure the selected mower fits through before making a purchase.

Fuel type

Consider the fuel type when choosing a riding lawn mower. Gas-powered mowers are common, while electric mowers are becoming popular for their eco-friendly nature. For larger yards, gas-powered mowers may provide longer run times.

However, electric mowers offer quieter operation and zero emissions, making them ideal for smaller yards and environmentally conscious users.

Gaspowered lawnmowers offer greater power and runtime suitable for large yards and tough terrains. Electric riding lawn tractors deliver quiet performance with zero emissions, perfect for smaller yards and environment-friendly use.

Yard size

When choosing a riding lawn mower under $2000, it’s important to consider the size of your yard. For smaller yards around 1 acre, a mower with a deck width of 42 inches or less is suitable.

However, for larger yards spanning 2 acres or more, opting for a riding mower with a wider cutting deck of 46 inches or above would ensure efficient and quicker mowing. The right deck width can make the job easier and faster while maintaining your lawn.

Consider the size of your yard when selecting a riding lawn mower under $2000. For example, if you have a smaller yard that is about an acre in size, you’ll want to look for mowers with narrower deck widths for maneuverability.


The top features to consider when choosing a riding lawn mower under $2000 include the type of mower (such as electric or gas), deck widthfuel type, and yard size. Additionally, factors like transmission, horsepower, cutting deck size and width, comfort, and maneuverability should be evaluated.

Safety tips and maintenance suggestions are also important when selecting an affordable yet efficient riding mower for your yard upgrade.

When considering a budget-friendly riding lawn mower under $2000, it’s crucial to prioritize features that will best suit your specific yard needs. As you explore various options within this price range – whether it’s a gas-powered model with bagging capability or a residential riding mower for larger yards – keeping these essential features in mind will help you make an informed decision towards enhancing your outdoor maintenance experience.

Top Picks for the Best Riding Lawn Mowers Under $2000

Get ready to upgrade your yard with our top picks for riding lawn mowers under $2000. Whether you prefer a Craftsman T150, Troy-Bilt TB46, or Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Compact, we’ve got the perfect budget-friendly option for you.

Craftsman T150


Craftsman T150 is a budget-friendly yard tractor for those with 1 acre of land. It’s a reliable, gas-powered lawn mower that offers bagging capability and comfort features, making it suitable for residential use.

With its steering wheel design and efficient performance, Craftsman T150 provides excellent value for those looking to upgrade their yard equipment without breaking the bank.

Moving on to our next top pick: Troy-Bilt TB46 riding lawn mower.

Troy-Bilt TB46


Moving on to the second top pick, let’s talk about the Troy-Bilt TB46. Specifically designed for mowing large yards efficiently, this budget-friendly riding lawn mower under $2000 offers a 46-inch cutting deck width and a powerful engine that provides great performance.

With its fuel-efficient design and comfortable seat, it’s suitable for those looking to upgrade their yard maintenance equipment without breaking the bank.

The Troy-Bilt TB46 is a reliable gas-powered lawn tractor with bagging capability, making it an excellent choice for residential use. It also comes with various features that enhance its maneuverability and efficiency when operating in larger garden areas up to 2 acres, making it an ideal landscaping tool for anyone seeking efficient yard care machinery within their budget.

Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Compact

cub cadet enduro

The Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Compact is a top pick for those seeking a budget-friendly riding lawn mower under $2000. With its compact size and efficient design, it’s suitable for residential mowing tasks.

This gas-powered lawn tractor with bagging capability offers reliability, making it an ideal choice for yard care machinery.

For individuals maintaining smaller to medium-sized yards, the Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Compact provides maneuverability and comfort while ensuring optimal performance. It stands out among affordable riding mowers, offering a balance of quality features and value within the budget-friendly category.

Reviews and Buyer’s Guide for the Top Riding Lawn Mowers Under $2000

When looking for the best riding lawn mower under $2000, it’s important to consider factors such as the type of mower, deck width, fuel type, and yard size. Our reviews and buyer’s guide cover everything you need to know about these affordable options before making a purchase decision.

Types of mowers

Riding lawn mowers come in different types, such as electric, gas-powered, and zero-turn mowers. Electric mowers are ideal for smaller yards and are quieter than gas mowers. Gas-powered mowers are suitable for larger areas and provide more power.

Zero-turn mowers offer exceptional maneuverability, making them perfect for navigating around obstacles in the yard.

When considering a riding mower under $2000, choosing one that best suits your yard size and terrain is important. For yards up to 1 acre, a compact riding mower may be sufficient.


Riding mowers have two main types of transmissions: manual and automatic. With a manual transmission, you have to shift gears like in a car, while an automatic transmission changes gears for you.

The type of transmission affects how easy it is to operate the riding mower and can impact your mowing experience. Some models offer hydrostatic transmissions, which provide smooth speed adjustments without the need to shift gears.

When choosing a riding mower under $2000, it’s essential to consider the type of transmission that suits your needs best. Automatic transmissions are easier for beginners or those who prefer simpler operation, while manual transmissions may provide more control for experienced users.

Horsepower and engine size

When it comes to horsepower and engine size, these factors greatly impact the performance of a riding lawn mower. The higher the horsepower, the more power and efficiency in cutting grass.

Typically, engines with more displacement produce increased torque for better mowing capabilities. Understanding these specifications will help you make an informed decision when selecting a budget-friendly riding mower under $2000.

In terms of affordability and functionality, budget-friendly riding mowers under $2000 usually offer engines with 15-20 horsepower and deck widths ranging from 30-42 inches. It’s important to consider your yard size and terrain when choosing the appropriate engine size that provides enough power without exceeding your budget.

Cutting deck size and width

When comparing different riding lawn mowers, it’s important to consider the cutting deck size and width. The cutting deck determines the width of grass that can be cut in a single pass, affecting the efficiency of mowing large areas.

wider cutting deck can reduce the total time spent mowing, while a smaller cutting deck may be more maneuverable around obstacles and tight spaces. Additionally, a larger cutting deck is suitable for bigger yards, such as 1 acre or 2 acres, while a smaller cutting deck may work better for smaller lawns.

The choice between cutting deck sizes should be based on your specific yard size and landscape layout requirements. Different homeowners need different capabilities from their lawn tractor depending on their particular situation and available storage space.

Comfort and maneuverability

Comfort and maneuverability are crucial when choosing a riding lawn mower. Look for adjustable seating and ergonomic designs to ensure comfort during long mowing sessions. A tight turning radiuseasy steering, and smooth handling will make maneuvering around obstacles effortless, enhancing productivity while maintaining your yard.

Next, let’s delve into “Attachments” to see how you can customize your riding lawn mower for different yard tasks.


When choosing a riding lawn mower under $2000, you should consider the available attachments. Some common attachments include baggers for collecting grass clippingsmulching kits for finely chopping and dispersing clippings back onto the lawn, and tow-behind carts for hauling yard debris or supplies.

These attachments can enhance the functionality of your riding mower and make yard maintenance more efficient.

When purchasing a budget-friendly riding lawn mower, consider the right attachments that suit your specific yard care needs. The right attachments can help you maintain a healthy lawn without spending extra on costly equipment.

Choosing between affordable and expensive mowers

When you’re choosing between affordable and expensive mowers, consider the features that matter most for your specific yard. Look for a mower with the right deck widthfuel type, and horsepower for your yard size.

It’s important to prioritize durability and performance, regardless of price. Keep in mind that some slightly pricier models may offer better reliability and longevity.

Factors like ease of use, comfort, and maintenance costs are crucial when deciding between different price ranges. Remember that even budget-friendly options can deliver excellent value with proper research and understanding of your yard’s needs.

Safety tips

Always wear sturdy shoes and eye protection to prevent injuries when using a riding lawn mower. Before mowing, clear the yard of any objects or debris that could be flung by the mower blades.

It’s important to read the manual and understand how to operate the mower safely, especially when it comes to turning and maneuvering around obstacles. Regularly maintain your mower by keeping blades sharp and checking for loose parts to ensure safe operation.

Always turn off the engine and remove the key before making any adjustments or repairs.

Maintenance tips

Now let’s talk about keeping your mower in top condition. Regular maintenance ensures a longer lifespan and smoother operation of your riding lawn mower. After each use, clean the deck to prevent grass buildup.

Changing the oil regularly is important, typically every 50 hours of use or at least once a season. Keep an eye on the air filter and replace it if it looks dirty. Also, examine the spark plug for signs of wear and tear; replace it if necessary.

Finally, inspect the blades for any damage and sharpen or replace them as needed to ensure a clean cut.

Our Top Pick: Craftsman T150 Riding Lawn Mower

The Craftsman T150 riding lawn mower offers reliable performance and a comfortable ride, making it our top pick for budget-friendly yard upgrades. Read more to find out why this model stands out among the rest!


Craftsman T150 Riding Lawn Mower offers a smooth and powerful performance. Its 19 HP engine swiftly cuts through the grass on your lawn. The tight turning radius also allows for easy maneuvering around obstacles, making mowing a breeze.

Troy-Bilt TB46 provides reliable performance with its 540cc engine and sturdy construction. Its hydrostatic transmission ensures smooth speed adjustments while mowing, giving you better control over the cutting process.

Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Compact showcases impressive performance with its 18 HP Kohler engine that effortlessly handles larger lawns. The tight turn radius and comfortable steering wheel further enhance the overall mowing experience.


When choosing a riding lawn mower under $2000, reliability is crucial. The Craftsman T150, Troy-Bilt TB46, and Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Compact are known for their durability. These mowers are designed to handle tough terrains and provide consistent performance over time.

With regular maintenance and proper care, these budget-friendly options offer reliable yard maintenance for years to come.

The Craftsman T150 riding lawn mower boasts a strong reputation for reliability due to its durable build and consistent performance. Equally reliable are the Troy-Bilt TB46 and Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Compact, ensuring that your investment in a riding lawn mower under $2000 delivers long-term value while keeping your yard looking pristine.


Craftsman T150 comes with a 2-year warranty, ensuring reliability and peace of mind for your investment. Troy-Bilt TB46 also offers a 2-year limited warranty, providing assurance for its performance.

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The Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Compact includes both a 3-year limited residential warranty and a five-year frame/front axle and three-year transmission warranty, offering long-term protection for the mower.

This ensures that your budget-friendly riding lawn mower is backed by strong warranties.

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riding lawn mower wheel and deckIn conclusion, the article has presented the top 3 budget-friendly riding lawn mowers under $2000 for a yard upgrade. These practical tips and efficient strategies emphasize the importance of selecting the right mower for your specific needs.

By applying these suggestions, you can experience significant improvements in your lawn care routine. Readers are encouraged to explore additional resources and services related to riding lawn mowers for further guidance.

Today, transform your yard into a beautiful, well-maintained outdoor space!


1. What are the best budget-friendly riding lawn mowers?

The three top picks for budget-friendly riding lawn mowers under $2000 are great choices if you want to keep your yard looking nice without spending too much.

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2. Can I find a lawn mower with a bagger for under $2000?

Yes, you can get a lawn mower with bagging capability that fits your budget and helps keep your yard clean.

3. Are there riding mowers good for half an acre or two acres?

Sure! You can pick out a residential riding mower that is just right for caring for lawns up to one or two acres in size.

4. What kind of garden equipment do people use on big yards?

People with big yards often use gas-powered lawn tractors with steering wheels because they make it easier to take care of large areas.

5. Why should I consider getting a riding mower?

Riding mowers save time and effort when taking care of your grass, making them perfect garden equipment if you have a larger area to maintain.

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