Best Ryobi Lawn Mower (2023)

Cutting-Edge Power: A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Ryobi Lawn Mower on the Market

Lawn mowing can be a tedious task, but one that needs to be done frequently to maintain the beauty and health of your lawn. A good lawn mower can make this task easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable. Ryobi lawnmowers are among the best options in the market. 

Importance of a Good Lawn Mower

A quality lawn mower is crucial for maintaining a healthy and beautiful yard. A good lawn mower should cut the grass evenly and leave it neat and trimmed. 

It should also be easy to handle, have enough power to get through tough grass and provide various features such as adjustable cutting heights, efficient blades, and user-friendly controls. Furthermore, using a poor-quality or outdated lawn mower can lead to significant problems. 

It can damage your grass or even cause safety hazards. Therefore, choosing a reliable brand that produces high-quality products is essential. 

Overview of Ryobi Lawn Mowers

Ryobi is one of the leading outdoor power tools and equipment brands. The company offers many corded and cordless mowers for small yards or large commercial properties. Ryobi’s mowers are known for their powerful performance, durability, and convenience features, such as self-propulsion options or foldable handles for easy storage. 

One thing I particularly love about Ryobi’s products is their brushless motor technology that maximizes efficiency while minimizing maintenance needs. Their lithium-ion batteries also offer longer runtimes than other brands on the market, meaning less time spent charging them between uses. 

Model Cutting Width Battery Run Time Noise Level
Ryobi 40V Brushless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower 20″ Up to 1.5 hours 58 dB(A)
Ryobi 20-Inch 40V Brushless Cordless Electric Lawn Mower 20″ Up to 1 hour 58 dB(A)
Ryobi RY40190-Y 20 in., 40-Volt Brushless Lithium-Ion Cordless Battery Walk Behind Self-Propelled Lawn Mower 20″ Up to 2 hours 58 dB(A)
Ryobi 13-inch 11 Amp Corded Electric Walk Behind Push Mower 13″ N/A 76 dB(A)

Brief History of Ryobi Brand

Ryobi was founded in 1943 as Ryobi Seisakusho Co., Ltd in Japan, initially producing die-cast products such as automotive gear parts. The company later expanded its product lines to include power tools and outdoor equipment. In 1985, they established the Ryobi brand in the US. 

Over the years, Ryobi has committed to innovation, quality, and affordability. They continue to release new products with advanced features that cater to the evolving needs of consumers while keeping their prices competitive. 

Overall, Ryobi lawnmowers are among the best options on the market due to their powerful performance, convenience, and durability. In the following sections of this article, I will delve into specific models I have used and recommend for different yard sizes or terrains. 

Top Features of Ryobi Lawn Mowers

Power and Performance: 

When finding the perfect lawn mower, power and performance should be at the top of your list. Thankfully, Ryobi lawnmowers deliver in spades. These machines are built to efficiently tackle any job with their brushless motor technology and high torque output. 

The brushless motor is a game-changer for lawnmowers, ensuring greater efficiency and less wear and tear on the machine’s internal components. And let’s remember the high torque output, which guarantees that your mower can handle even the most challenging terrain. 

Another standout feature of Ryobi lawnmowers is their efficient cutting blades which provide a clean and precise cut every time. Whether you have a small or large yard, these machines are designed to get the job done quickly and efficiently, so you can enjoy your outdoor space more. 

Convenience and Ease of Use: 

Ryobi lawn mowers also prioritize convenience and ease of use. With adjustable cutting height, you can easily customize your mower’s settings based on your needs. 

Whether you want a shorter cut for a pristine look or need something longer for thicker grass, this feature makes it easy to achieve your desired results. Additionally, Ryobi lawn mowers are designed with easy maneuverability in mind. 

They are lightweight yet sturdy enough to navigate through tight spaces without difficulty. And with user-friendly controls, there’s no need to fumble around with complicated buttons or levers – everything is simple and straightforward. 

Durability and Maintenance:

Let’s discuss durability and maintenance – two factors that can make or break any machine. Fortunately, Ryobi lawn mowers are built to last with sturdy construction materials that can withstand wear and tear from frequent use. Moreover, Ryobi has considered the importance of easy maintenance procedures. 

They’ve made it simple to clean and maintain their lawnmowers, so you can spend less time tinkering and more time enjoying your beautiful lawn. By prioritizing durability and maintenance, Ryobi has ensured that you’ll be able to enjoy your investment for years to come. 

Overall, the top features of Ryobi lawnmowers make them a clear standout in the market. Their power, convenience, and durability make them an excellent choice for any homeowner looking to keep their lawn looking pristine without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality. 

Best Ryobi Lawn Mower Models in the Market

Suppose you’re looking for a powerful and reliable lawn mower. In that case, Ryobi has an impressive range of models that meet your needs. Here are some of the best Ryobi lawnmowers on the market: 

Ryobi 40V Brushless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

The Ryobi 40V Brushless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower is a true powerhouse for mowing your lawn. With its brushless motor technology, this lawn mower delivers high torque output, leading to efficient cutting blades that tackle even tough grass and weeds. One of the best features of this model is its self-propelled function, which makes it easier for you to maneuver across your yard without feeling exhausted. 

It also has adjustable cutting height options, so you can customize it according to the length of your grass. The user-friendly controls make it easy for anyone to use, regardless of experience level. 

With a battery that lasts up to 90 minutes on a single charge, this lawn mower is perfect for medium-sized or large yards. Overall, the Ryobi 40V Brushless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a reliable and efficient mower that requires little effort. 

Ryobi 20-Inch 40V Brushless Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Suppose you want a more lightweight option without compromising power and performance. In that case, the Ryobi 20-Inch 40V Brushless Cordless Electric Lawn Mower should be on your list. This cordless electric push lawn mower offers excellent maneuverability thanks to its lightweight construction. Still, it does not slack in terms of performance. 

The brushless motor technology ensures efficient cutting blades with high torque output for effective mowing. The adjustable cutting height option allows you to customize it according to your grass length. The user-friendly controls make it easy for anyone to operate. 

This mower also features a convenient push-button start, making it easy to turn on and off. With its durable deck construction materials, you can be sure that this lawn mower will last for years with minimal maintenance requirements. 

Ryobi RY40190-Y 20 in., 40-Volt Brushless Lithium-Ion Cordless Battery Walk Behind Self-Propelled Lawn Mower with Charger Included

For those who want the ultimate convenience when mowing their lawn, the Ryobi RY40190-Y 20 in., 40-Volt Brushless Lithium-Ion Cordless Battery Walk Behind Self-Propelled Lawn Mower is an excellent choice. Not only does this model feature a self-propelled function, but it also comes with a charger so you can recharge your battery quickly. 

The brushless motor technology delivers high torque output that ensures efficient cutting blades capable of tackling tough grass and weeds without any issues. The adjustable cutting height option allows you to customize it according to your lawn’s length. At the same time, the user-friendly controls make operation a breeze. 

This model also features a durable deck construction that can withstand harsh elements without compromising performance. Overall, you are looking for a reliable and convenient lawnmower that requires minimal effort. In that case, the Ryobi RY40190-Y should be on your list. 

How to Choose the Best Ryobi Lawn Mower for Your Needs

Consider the Size of Your Lawn

The size of your lawn plays a crucial role in deciding which Ryobi lawn mower is best suited for you. A self-propelled or riding mower will be ideal if you have a large yard. On the other hand, if you have a small patch of grass or limited storage space, a compact and lightweight push electric lawn mower like the Ryobi 13-inch 11 Amp Corded Electric Walk Behind Push Mower would be perfect. 

Determine Your Power Source

Ryobi offers both corded and cordless lawnmowers. Corded models are suitable for small to medium-sized lawns because they must be plugged throughout use. 

On the other hand, cordless models are more versatile and can cover larger areas without being tethered to an outlet. They also offer more convenience in terms of storage since they do not require long cords. 

Match Features With Your Needs

Different Ryobi lawnmowers have different features, such as adjustable cutting height, bagging capability, and mulching capacity. To choose the best model to meet your needs, consider each feature various models offer against what is most important to you. For instance, go with those features if you prefer mulching over bagging grass clippings or want better maneuverability around tight spaces like flower beds or trees. 


Choosing the right Ryobi lawn mower requires identifying and matching your needs with available options from their product line-up. Factors such as power source (corded vs. cordless), cutting width (size of the blade), cutting height (adjustable or fixed), and other features all play a role in determining which model is best suited for you. 

Ryobi lawn mowers are known for their high performance, ease of use, and reliable construction. No matter your choice, you can be assured that you’ll get the job done quickly and efficiently. With a Ryobi lawn mower, taking care of your grass is easier and more enjoyable. 

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